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Free Ride Every 50th Passenger

Free Ride Every 50th Passenger

Wednesday 10th February 2021
Terence Williams

LRC is now offering free rides for any customer who phones us; for every 50th customer who uses our services, between May 1st and May 27th, Monday to Thursday, 10AM to 3PM, you could be in the chance of having your fare entirely free - courtesy of the company.

Owner, Terence Williams, has given the go ahead to all staff and drivers, to allow a free fare for every 50th customer who phones us, regardless of where they're going. Supervised by Debra Ward, Office Manager, we are aiming to increase our passenger and driver pool.

After the pandemic, we wanted to reward our loyal passengers by offering them something back. They have pushed, and helped us slice our way through the business killing pandemic, and this is our way of showing our appreciation.

Why not call us now, test your luck, on 0121 770 7707!