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Meet The Staff - Debbi

Meet The Staff - Debbi

Wednesday 24th February 2021
Terence Williams

LRC holds numerous customer service and office staff, who all perform and work fantastically side by side; however one member of staff has been at LRC for over 20 years.

Debbi Ward currently works the longest daytime shift, from 6AM to 4PM, Monday to Friday, with an occassional drop in on the weekend. Since the pandemic started, Debbi has stepped up and became an office manager, where she maintains the responsibility of making sure all shifts are covered, all overtime is monitored and handed out accordingly and that all staff holidays and holiday pays are sorted out efficiently.

Throughtout the pandemic, Debbi worked side by side with the other managers of LRC to push for a cleaner and better work environment. She drew up plans to provide all staff with better, sociable shifts, and allocated them accordingly. On top of that, Debbi - oddly enough - enjoys cleaning the office herself.

The next step for Debbi is to help contribute to the advertising and marketting part of LRC, where she is working alongside other managers and third party companies to ensure LRC is heard throughtout all of the areas we operate in.

LRC would like to thank Debbi for all her years working under us, and for many more to come!